Arrowhead & Indian Relics

Indian Arrowheads and Relics

We have thousands of Indian arrowhead and relics all found within 3 miles of the Lake. One of the largest collections is from E. Bassford Hawkins. However, many others have contributed to our collections.

A woman, Sandi, who is the Great Grandchild of George C. Raynor (who built the Lake’s first pavilion in the early 1920s) visited the Museum with her family. She had not visited the area in many years. I am grateful to have met with her.

Sandi came to us bearing many Indian Artifacts found by her Great-Grandfather in the early 1900s. She was especially fond of and attached to an Indian axe head (weighing 4 3/4 lbs.) which she graciously donated it to the Historical Society Museum.

Enjoy this look at some of the items in our collections and visit us for more!

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